A photographer enjoying taking pictures of the wonderful places I travel to and the people in my life. I love to be outdoors and use my camera to capture memories and the essence of them. I share my photos here on this site for friends to share and print photos of our adventures and of life's beauty. When you choose to print photos or photo products, only the best lab in the US is used for printing so that you get the best quality prints.

I use a variety of professional lens & camera bodies, as well as other expensive photography tools. I continue to improve my photography skills each year thru practice, workshops, and sharing with other photographers. Even though it takes lots of time to upload photos and make minor edits I do not own Photoshop nor make any significant tweaks to my photos. I instead prefer to set up the shot with good composition, lighting and filters to obtain the best results. I hope you'll enjoy viewing the photos and order some for your own memories to share.